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Obummer was the sketch-model, for Spock, by the...  topic
Hi, all/Trekker Bo, here...  topic
TOS mega-poster featuring every episode  topic
FIVE CAPTAINS  photo flag
Phase II launches Indiegogo campaign!  topic
Star Trek cited from the bench  topic
Walter receives his star!  photo flag
Sir Patrick carries the Olympic flame  photo flag
Neil deGrasse Tyson at the Starship Smackdown, ...  topic
Star Trek cast in Paramount 100th anniversary p...  topic
Apparently, there was almost going to be a full...  topic
SPOCK!  photo flag
‘Star Trek’ fan with Nichelle Nichols does Vulc...  photo flag
Nimoy & Cuoco  topic
The George Takei Happy Dance  topic
keyboard  photo flag
The Captains (2011 documentary by William Shatner)  topic
Why doesn’t anybody use social media on Star Tr...  topic
Battle of the Action Figures  topic
Shatner at Phoenix Comicon this year!  topic
Moderator transfer  topic
Star Trek Sequel - cosmic cast reunion  topic
Starship restoration, preserving the Enterprise  topic
Re-watching *everything*  topic
Shatner/Fisher goes another round  topic

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